Web Design and Development for Norwest

A screenshot of the Norwest 2020 Year in Review Landing Page

// Overview

Every year, Norwest creates a micro-site reviewing their accomplishments that they can share with their investors. In 2020, Mike was given the task to design and build it.

// Responsibilities

This project had a late start, so there wasn’t time to work with external devs. This left Mike responsible for both design and development of the site to expedite its creation. Mike also managed the partnership.

// Goals

The primary goal of this site was to showcase the succeses of Norwest in 2020 to impress both current and potential investors. It was also important to strengthen Norwest’s identity as a thought leader.



A screenshot of the old Norwest Year in Review Website

// Discovery

To begin, Mike and the Norwest team explored what was and wasn’t working on the site from the previous year. This involved getting feedback from outside stakeholders and dissecting the existing design. They then used these findings as a starting point.

// Strategy

The team explored various inspo for the page’s look and feel. It was important to refine visual concepts and functionality prior to design and development to ensure expectations were aligned. Mike also roughly blocked out content to setup the page’s flow.

A screenshot of some inspirational websites
Screenshots of some early design concepts for the Norwest 2020 Year in Review Website

// Visualization

Working hand-in-hand with the VP of marketing at Norwest, Mike rapidly itterated through visual design concepts. The team had constant async communication and setup calls daily to expedite the process and get alignment fast.

// Implementation

The site needed to be built quickly. It also required some fancier effects. This made Mike opt to develop it with plain ol’ HTML, SCSS, and Javascript. He used Netlify to host the site temporarily so that it could quickly be shared and tested.

A screeshot of the NVP 2020 Year in Review Website with DevTools open

Outputs + Outcomes + 

Outputs + Outcomes + 

A screenshot of the NVP 2020 Year in Review Website
A screenshot of the Awards section on the NVP 2020 Year in Review Website
A screenshot of the people section on the NVP 2020 Year in Review Website
A gif of the loading animation for the NVP 2020 Year in Review Website
// Outcomes

While Mike was unable to get exact data on this site, Norwest was ecstatic about it. The site received praise both within their industry and in the web design space. It won awards on Awwwards and One Page Love.

// Team


Juan Sanchez


Ellie Javadi

Tech Lead

Stacy Silva